Tables for local primary school

Well what a day it has been?!!? KT and I with the help of Mr Peter (big hitting) Barrow just delivered 2 tables to Thomas Jollyfe School for their Wed sessions which will now take place indoors rather than in the rain. The Chairman used his connections once again to get us a van at mo cost(!!!) and we have done it…. in 8weeks we have done and achieved what most clubs take 18 months to achieve so STTTC is thriving and here to stay… to top that, we have asked our youngest player Ollie Rowland to play his first competetive game tonight with our A side… Ollie only started playing properly at the Foundation House with us last year and has come a long way and Kevin and I are so delighted to see him progress so far. He will be amazing tonight I am sure and the club would like to thank Colin (Ollieโ€™s Dad) for agreeing for him to play tonight with the A side. This is just so amazing to see and be part of and we would like to thank all of you for making STTTC a great club. Good luck all. KT and HA

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